In liebevoller Erinnerung

Red Baron O'Mighty

geboren 18. September 2003
gestorben 25. Oktober 2015

Red Baron Little Beagle Brag

geboren 25. April 1999
gestorben 25. März 2015
My Dog

You're one in a million,
You're special to me,
Affectionate, Loyal
And good company.
You're there when I'm lonely
And life seems a bore,
You cheer me and offer
A comforting paw.
The look in your eyes
Say's you quite understand
As you thrust a bewhiskered
Wet nose in my hand.
You never desert me
Wherever I go,
You're a far better friend
Than some people I know!
I thank you by writing
This short monologue,
To my Faithful, Devoted
Companion, MY DOG

Jillie Wheeler, 1979